Past students 卒業生

私の英語学習は、基幹工学部応用化学科教授の池添泰弘先生(現在はELSCのセンター長も兼任)との出会いから始まりました。大学3年の時、念願の池添研究室へ配属になり、先生からニューヨーク市立大学化学科にて働いていた時の話を聞きましたが、これまで日本でしか暮らしたことがなかった私にとって 、池添先生のお話はとても刺激的な内容でした。いつしか「自分もニューヨークに行ってみたい!」と思うようになり、3年の夏休みに一人でニューヨークへ一週間の旅行をしました。

私はそれまで全く英語が話せませんでした。しかし「机の上で参考書を広げて勉強していても 英語を話せるようになることはない 」と思い、本場のアメリカへ一人旅に行きました。そこからの経験や出会いから現在でも毎日、英語学習に取り組んでいます。もし本気で英語を話せるようになりたいと思うのであれば、参考書を使い一人で勉強するのではなく、ELSCでネイティブの先生方とたくさん話しましょう。そして日本だけで学ぶのではなく、海外へ留学して下さい。留学のチャンスを掴むことができれば、きっとあなたの人生は大きく変わるでしょう。期待しています。



雨野暉 (2019年卒 創造システム工学科)

     *     *     *

My English learning began with an encounter with Professor Yasuhiro Ikezoe (currently head of the ELSC), a professor of the Department of Applied Chemistry. When I was in my 3rd year at university, I was assigned to the long-sought after Ikezoe laboratory, and I heard from him how he worked at the Department of Chemistry at the City University of New York, but for me, I had only lived in Japan. Professor Ikezoe's story about his time in New York was very exciting. One day, I started thinking, "I want to go to New York too!" And so I traveled to New York alone for a week during the summer vacation of my 3rd year.
I couldn't speak English at all at that time. However, I thought, "Even if I spread the reference books on my desk and study, I will not be able to speak English," so I went on a solo trip to the United States. From the experience and encounters from there, I am still working on learning English every day. If you really want to be able to speak English, talk a lot with native teachers at the ELSC instead of studying alone with a reference book. And don't just study in Japan, study abroad. If you can seize the opportunity to study abroad, your life will surely change.

Saitama Prefecture Study Abroad Program by Mr Ameno (links to a site in Japanese)

Study abroad report (links to a site in Japanese)

Akira Ameno (Graduated in 2019, Department of Innovative Systems Engineering)


卒業後7年が経過しましたが、大学の時に英語を勉強しておいて本当によかったと思う毎日です (異性にモテる、会社での評価・昇給が高い、世界の視点で物事を考えられる等々、恩恵は多岐にわたります)。


上野 裕太 (2014年卒 システム工学専攻)

     *     *     *
About a year and a half after I entered this university (NIT), I started visiting the ELSC. I had a longing for going overseas and wanted to improve my English to a level that I was satisfied with by the time I graduated, so I always studied at the ELSC between classes.
It's been over seven years since I graduated, and I'm really glad I studied English when I was in college. The benefits are wide-ranging.
It is said that life is 100 years old, but "what you learned" in your 4th year of college will greatly affect your future life. If you have any interest in English, take the courage to open the ELSC door and take a look. Life will change.

Yuta Ueno (Graduated in 2014, Department of Innovative Systems Engineering)


八木 宜明(2017年卒、機械工学科)

     *     *     *

I have many friends from all over the world, such as the USA, the UK, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, France, Philippines and China. That's because the ELSC gave me the opportunity to study English and study abroad. While I was in college, I had a lot of fun talking and playing English games during lunch, which is a very good memory.

Nobuaki Yagi (graduated in 2017, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

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