Present students 在校生


S.Yさん(基幹工学部 応用化学科)

*     *     *

I am very happy to go to the ELSC and improve my English every day. Native English teachers will teach you very kindly and politely, so you can enjoy learning English without getting nervous. There are many English books so you can study grammar. You will find that you will like English more as you talk. Please use the ELSC positively.

Y.S. (Department of Applied Chemistry)


K.Sさん(建築学部 生活環境デザインコース)

*     *     *

I first went to the ELSC when I was in the first grade. At that time, I wasn't interested in English, but after using it several times, I began to want to communicate with various people through English. The ELSC always has a native teacher available, so I can enjoy English games and conversations comfortably. I visit almost every day, and before I knew it, I was able to communicate in English. By being able to speak English, I feel that the world is expanding.

S.K. (Department of Architecture, Living Environment Design Section)
* Far right in the photo


T.Cさん(先進工学部 ロボティクス学科)
*    *    *

I come to the ELSC when I have free time. I think that the ELSC is a place for me to create a new community. You can make friends with people from different departments. I met many friends through the ELSC and also experienced studying abroad. Everyone there is friendly, so feel free to stop by.

C.T. (Department of Robotics)
* Second from the left in the photo


M.Rさん (建築学部 生活環境デザインコース)
*     *     *
I started using the ELSC because I was introduced by a friend. The native teachers talked to me, so even I, who is not good at communication, could have a conversation and felt that the atmosphere was very good. Please enjoy this atmosphere by all means.

R.M. (Department of Architecture, Living Environment Design Section)
* Left in the photo


Y.Tさん(建築学部 生活環境デザインコース)
*     *     *
The reason I started using the ELSC was because I wanted to get in touch with English even a little before studying abroad.
The ELSC always has native teachers, and they are all kind teachers and even if we don't speak English, that is no problem at all. Even after studying abroad, I go to the ELSC and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere.

T.Y. (Department of Architecture, Living Environment Design Section)

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