Present students 在校生


T.Kさん(基幹工学部 機械工学科)

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I first came to ELSC in the spring semester of my first year. At that time, I had no interest in English at all. 

Even when I was high school, I always thought it was troublesome.

However, at the ELSC I was able to communicate in easy English and enjoy having conversations. The ELSC always has native teachers, and I can enjoy English games and conversations with ease, so I use it like a café when I have free time. If you have time, please come to ELSC. You will like English more and improve your English skills quickly.

T.K. (Faculty of Fundamental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)

I love English, because I feel like my English level is improving every time that I go to the ELSC. Whenever I go there to hangout, the English teachers call me by my first name "Neo" and are very friendly to me. They always correct my vocabulary and grammar whenever I make mistakes during conversations. Also, there are many books depending on your English level or books related to different countries. The ELSC also has many interesting games you can play to enjoy learning English, so please use it whenever you can. Do not worry about your English level, just come to the ELSC. 

N.S(Department of Architecture)


S.N(建築学部 建築学科)

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